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Got an acceptance notice from Necrotic Tissue Magazine ( for my flash story "Paying the Dark Man." It will be appearing in issue #4, October 2008. I get $25 and a t-shirt. Not bad for a story that is around 600 words. I did rewrite that one like three times at least. I'm stoked.

I sent "Green Water Blues" off to Heliotrope. I hate that title. I even got out the thesaurus in an attempt to find a better title. It had been "Green Girl." I also titled it "Fantasy Girl." I usually don't have a problem with titles.

I updated my Sonar submission tracking program and sent a letter to editor of NT telling him I accepted the terms of the contract. And I updated my bibliography.

Sometime soon I hope to get back to work on my website. Don't expect much, since a first-grader could probably design a better web page. But it should have relevant information.

Now, off to get some food and maybe watch a horror movies.
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