Toni (tstauffer) wrote,

Success with my DragonCON Campaign

I've sent in my application and am just awaiting approval, so I should at the con in September. I just received word from my friends Scott G. Browne, author of the wonderful zombie novel BREATHERS and Joshua Gee, author of the ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA that they will both be applying for guest status for DragonCON.

Whenever I go to another convention and I meet a professional who has never been to DragonCON, I tell them about the con and advise them to come. I attended World Horror Con in Winnipeg back in May where I met these fine fellows. Well, it seems that DragonCON would not go away. Scott ran into Johnathon Mayberry and Joshua Gee in New York and DragonCON came up again. I'm so excited. Both Scott and Joshua are absolutely awesome and will be a wonderful addition to the con. When I heard Scott read at WHC, my ribs were hurting from laughing so much. I bought Joshua's book for my 12 yo son, but soon found myself engrossed in it. It is a very cool book and I learned horror tidbits that I didn't know.
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