She Lives

I went into a period where I'd stopped writing, blogging, etc. I gradually came back to life, but in other venues. Then my husband reminded me of LJ and I remembered all my LJ friends. How could I forget you guys? I'm sorry. But I'm back now.


Currently have 11 stories looking for homes. Working on my novella VENDETTA. Still working on DYING MOON (novel), but have pretty much put it on hold for the moment. My story "Family Reunion" will be appearing in Werewolf Magazine #8 in May and Blood Tales Rising Magazine #36 in September. I actually have a literary flash story called "Liberty Takes Inventory" coming out sometime this spring in the Thereby Hangs a Tale literary magazine.

I'll be at HyperiCON 4 in Nashville late June, but just as an attendee. If anyone is going and wants to talk to me, I won't be hard to find. It's a small convention. If anyone wants to go, I'll probably have room for at least two people in my van. You must take care of your own lodgings, food, etc. Just e-mail me at tonidotstaufferatcomcastdotnet. I live in northwest Georgia, so you'll need to come to me unless you are close or on the way to Nashville.

And of course I'll be at DragonCON as always.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Davey aka JackZodiac.

I currently am dealing with an intestinal flu, so I'm heading back to bed. But I'll keep an eye out for any messages. I'm also on Twitter.

Later peoples.
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Writing Update

My story entitled, "The Satchel" is now finished at 3,500 words. Now I just need to figure out where to send it. It's not a horror story, more like a modern fantasy. I'll worry about it tomorrow. Got to go to work. bleh.

Doctor Visit

Doctor was pretty well incensed by what the school had done. He said that they must cooperate and he wrote instructions. The only thing they have to do, besides being patient about the accidents, is to make him sit on the toilet for 10 to 15 minutes after lunch. It turns out that the first laxative we tried with the 'specialist' didn't work because the dose, instead of being 1 heaping teaspoon was 1-2 tsp before. He simply was not getting enough of the medicine. I am feeling hopeful about this situation now and I like the new doctor (not just because he agreed with me).

I had a talk with his teacher and the principal. The principal was like, well, he can raise his hand to go to the bathroom at any time. I had to explain to her that Zane doesn't know when he needs to go. This problem has caused his bowel to distend and he has lost sensation. I told both of them that I was angry and upset and that the only reason my claws were sheathed is that I know they were only trying to act in Zane's best interest. They still would not give me his bookbag, saying I needed to take that up with the counselor. Sheesh. The counselor was unavailable but at the school, so I said for them to have her call me. That was three days ago and she still hasn't called me back. So, I'm going to call Monday to set up a meeting on Tuesday so I can tell her just what I think of all of what she has done and get this settled.

They were telling me they were just following protocol. Is talking to the parent not one of those protocols? I am sickened by the politics of this and am ready to fire back of they keep up this rediculous treatment.

Now I just need to get my hours cut back at work so I can actually get some work done. I am considering going back on my pain meds. The pain level has been fairly agonizing lately. I'm thinking it is a combination of the full time work load (on my feet all day walking, bending, etc) and the stormy weather.

As for writing, it is going slow, but I am getting work done. I'm working on completing a new story. I still can't find the two chapters I have some how lost to my novel which has kept me from continuing. I suppose I just need to rewrite them.

Got to be at working at 8:30 this morning and the same for tomorrow. I miss my weekends with the kids.

Seriously Pissed

Those of you who know me know that I adore my children and do the best I can for them. Today I got a call from DFACS. The school reported me for child neglect.

My youngest son has a medical issue called encopresis that I have been dealing with for quite some time now. It is a type of stool blockage. I talked to my doctor who referred me to a developmental pediatrician who referred me to a gastro guy. Gastro guy said lets try this laxative. Laxative didn't work, but I didn't go back because said doctor is like an hour away, I didn't have a working vehicle then, and he gave me the creeps. I am still not sure what it was about him, but I just didn't really like the guy. He might be a fine doctor. Maybe I'm just nuts. Anyhow, I went back to my family doctor who said try this laxative. I tried that laxative, didn't work. I tried suppositories, but my son cried and I don't blame him so I stopped that although those were actually helping. Castor oil didn't help either. During all of this, my family doctor relocated and my insurance changed.

When I enrolled my youngest son in school I explained what was going on. They said to put extra underwear in his bookbag and he can clean himself up. No problem. We did that. My husband had a stroke and scared about what might happen if things went bad and I didn't have a job, I got a job. My first week at work, the boys got strep throat. I did have them in ASP. The antibiotic gave Zane diarrhea. I explained this to ASP, but they said they didn't have the staff to deal with it and kicked him out.

They finally said they would form a panel to see what they could do to help with the situation since I can't very well make Zane sit on the toilet when he is in school. I need them to make him sit on the toilet after lunch for at least 10 minutes, but they refuse to do this. I got a letter from them on the 25th saying that they needed the medical paperwork by the 28th so that they could do this panel. I left a message with the counselor explaining that I couldn't do it by then, but that my son had an appointment on the 4th with his new pediatrician and that I would get them the paperwork on that day or soon after. Then today I get the call from DFACS.

They also reported that my son had left his backpack at school and that I didn't go pick it up. Hello? I work. Also, I didn't know about it. He told me he lost it. I was going to buy him a backpack the next day when he showed up with one and said his teacher gave it to him. I figured they must have extra backpacks for such an occasion and shrugged it off. I got other stuff to deal with. Like trying to walk from the bed to the bathroom after I get home from being on my feet all day. I still have the fibromyalgia which makes my life hell.

The DFACS worker was like IF you take him to the doctor, then I will call the doctor and get confirmation and all this can be resolved. I said there will be no IF because he will be going ot the doctor. What the hell?

I am so fucking pissed off right now that I am shaking. All I need is for them to listen and to do what I need without me having to jump through flaming hoops. I didn't even get a warning on this. No, we will have to report you to DFACS. No nothing.

I am feeling hurt over this. I know I'm no June Cleaver, but I love my kids. I don't abuse them. The worst they go through is that occasionally they may have to wear a pair of socks twice because I'm behind on laundry.

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for letting me vent.

Checking In

FroliCON has come and gone. The panels and reading with Eugie and Davey (sorry, too tired to fool with code) went great, despite the fact I was seeing double by the end of the second one thanks to Guervo Especial. I only let loose and drink like twice a year and last year I kept it in moderation. I had to be at work the next day, so my plan was to get a nice buzz then quit so that I could go home and get some sleep and wake refreshed. Heh. I was feeling no pain at the MobiCON party. I was having a great time, but made a major mistake. I grabbed a couple of cherries that had been soaked in vodka for two months and ate them. Twenty minutes later I couldn't walk or see straight. I vaguely remember trying to scrawl my signature in the anthologies I donated for the charity auction. Vodka apparently doesn't mix with Tequila. And work the next day was torture.

On the writing front. It seems that Dream Goblin Press, who was going to publish my story "Vendetta" as a chapbook, has disappeared off the face of the earth. My e-mails to bouncing and no one on Shocklines knows what is going on. I think I might try the podcast route. Dunno. Thinking on it.

The story I sent to Carnifex Press for the Vermin anthology has made it to the second round of reading, so maybe that will be one I don't have to worry about.

With my new work schedule, I haven't been getting much done. I just can't seem to stay focused long enough.

I'm looking forward to Hypericon in June. If you are going, come say hello.

Made It Through Hell Week

Let me say that I have never worked so hard at any job in all my life. Monday began with two trucks back to back full of heavy totes of books coming in through the back door. We formed two lines of people down the back aisle and the books were passed from one person to another. Some totes were light, but most were heavy as hell. I was told 40 lbs, but it felt more like 80lbs to me. I never realized how deconditioned I had become until this experience. We managed to empty two full trucks in one and a half hours. The totes were by category: pets, gardening, etc., Once all the totes were in, we worked with our team leaders to get the books on the shelves. We learned how to read the label on the back of the book. There were categories and sub-categories that all went into a particular order. The next day we got two more trucks and then the day after that one truck. That one wasn't sorted and like a usual shipment.

I worked 3:30 pm to 11:30pm on Tuesday with just a few minutes break for pizza. When I say work, I mean WORK. My fingers hurt from carrying totes and handling books. My arms, legs, knees, feet, shoulders...all of it, hurt. That first night, I couldn't sleep and only managed to get four hours. Wednesday I worked from 8am to 5:45pm. I was scheduled to work until 9pm, but I just couldn't do anymore. I asked to leave and was told it was clear. I had determined if I was told no, that I was leaving anyway. I took a tylenol PM that night and slept like a baby.

I think Thursday was from 8am to 8:30pm and Friday was from 8am to 4pm. I get today (Saturday) and Sunday off. The hard part is done. The store is almost done. The books are on the shelves. They have been categorized, alphabetized, balanced on the shelves, and displayed. This week we will get the registers and hopefully the cappuchino machine. This week will be normal hours. Thank god.

My team leader told me she picked me because she thought I would be the first one to go. That kind of hurt my feelings, but I could understand it. She just didn't know how stubborn I am. I am half Irish afterall.
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My Story is Up!

My story "Feeding Time" is now up at The Late Late Show (www.latelateshow.net). Check it out, if you can.

I haven't been around much due to the new job. Working 3:30 to 12am today and 8am to 9pm or later the rest of the week including Saturday. It gonna be work/sleep for the next five days.

Job Interview

I haven't held a job other than mom/housewife for like eleven years. I applied for a job at Books-A-Million (they are building one down the street from me and I've always wanted to work at a bookstore). They called me yesterday. I have a job interview with them Tuesday for the Bookseller position, i.e., cashier.

I'm nervous. They asked if I considered myself disabled on the application and I answered no. Legally, I'm not disabled, but there are many things I can't do. Not to mention the pain I deal with on a daily basis. I'm just hoping it won't affect my job performance. I really want this job though. It would be nice to be able to save money for a vacation and to have money to do the home improvements I want done.

I'm freaking out. Don laughs at me. He says it is the equivalent of interviewing for a job at 7-eleven, that I'm worried over nothing. He hasn't been out of the work force for eleven years. I'm feeling somewhat intimidated by it all, not to mention I'll have a boss. Bleh.

Anyway, wish me luck.